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The simple, efficient, and comprehensive recycling
compliance software for local jurisdictions

Minerva is meant for cities, counties, and JPAs that need transparency to track collaborative team efforts of stakeholders. Manage, outreach, educate, record activity, and report on commercial waste generators on-going recycling compliance. And so much more..

Save hours of time you’d normally spend chasing down and coordinating reporting information. Minerva organizes container services and outreach data in an accurate and simplified way that makes it easy to find historical information and report on the compliance status of individual or combined waste generators.

Collaborate with haulers, staff, and outreach teams by providing direct access to discuss and update individual location and account status. Minerva makes the process of managing compliance efficient and organized.


How Minerva works

  • Import

    Customer data from the waste hauler’s billing system using a simple data import tool

  • Categorize

    Data by location, account and regulatory requirement

  • Track

    Status of SB 1383, AB 1826, and AB 341 compliance by customer

  • Collaborate

    Among multiple stakeholders in one organized place

  • Report

    Education, outreach, enrollment, and enforcement activity

Easy Import and Access

  • Allows for easier imports from the hauler billing system using an existing hauler report
  • Enables cities to manage data by location and relate accounts as needed for proper reporting
  • Easily add notes, implementation record elements, and waiver documentation

Clean Reporting

  • Generates CalRecycle EAR-Compliant reports - AB 1383, SB 1826, and AB 341
  • Provides a simple and easy way to monitor and report on individual customer compliance status


  • Connects multiple users, including cities, waste haulers, and outreach contractors, together in one platform and allows for ongoing communication

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